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Music & Lyrics © Iconoclast Theatre Collective

Music by Andy Peterson • Lyrics by Erik Ransom • Created by Rachel Klein, Andy Peterson, Erik Ransom



Executive Producer(s):


Mixed by:
Mastered by:

Musical Direction, Orchestrations, & Arrangements by:



Mike Lunoe, Andy Peterson, & Sean Hagerty
Iconoclast Theatre Collective, David Treatman Creative, Andy Peterson, Erik Ransom, & Rachel Klein


Sean Hagerty & Mike Lunoe 
Lloyd Kikoler




Andy Peterson

by Scott Lilly/DoodlesByScott

- Recorded & Mixed remotely during the Quarantimes -

Special Thanks: Ashley Kate Adams, Sean Gill, Brandon Ivey, Scott Lilly, Stephanie Klapper, Charlie Waltz, Deb Miller, Melissa Edelblum, Dan DeMello, and Jian Hwang. 

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About the album

It was the dawn of the Pandemic, and a trio of tenacious musical theatre artists faced a reckoning. How could we adapt our artform to maintain forward momentum in the uncertainty of The Quarantimes?


The answer was “The World to Come”: a ground-breaking audio series that touched upon the pertinent themes of the day by imagining a future where post-apocalyptic doesn’t necessarily mean dystopian. We created a world of whimsy, with heightened stakes and battalions of pop-culture references for fans of every entertainment genre. And what’s more? We made the whole thing a musical! We wrote over 50 original songs in diverse styles and genres spread throughout a 12 episode season, then gathered an incredible troupe of talents from Broadway and beyond. Here is a taste of the music we created.

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