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The Hepburners of Whiteway

Power in Whiteway is based entirely on wealth.


The Hepburners are the strictest & most straight-laced of the Great Factions of Fiveboro, because they are literally the most old-fashioned.



Chip Knickerbocker


Jasper & Millicent Knickerbocker

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Power in Whiteway is based entirely on wealth. There is a fatalistic sensibility that those who acquire resources are deserving of their fortune, and those who fail to amass wealth are undeserving of power. For the past score, the Knickerbocker family has held the most resources in Whiteway, and so they rule as undisputed Plutarchs of the island. Other Hepburners vie to overtake them financially, but thus far to no avail.


Although the Plutarchs sit at the top of the power pyramid, there are lesser leaders who control their little corners of Fiveboro, such as The Kingpin, who controls the noir-themed Crimes Square and the Sheriff of the Spaghetti Confederacy who runs the Western Village.

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The Hepburners are the strictest and most straight-laced of the Great Factions of Fiveboro, because they are literally the most old-fashioned. They aggrandize the Golden Age of Hollywood, and seek to emulate that simpler time when there were epic pictures with scrutinizing censors to weed out the immoral elements and keep everything wholesome. They are descendents of great wealth, who cling to the idea that they can somehow reclaim or recreate the glitz and glamour they hear about in stories from The World that Was.

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   WHITEWAY is an island that has always been fraught with conflict. The many lesser tribes that now compose the Hepburner Faction have always had to fight to hold onto their land, lest it be claimed by marauders from other factions. Like several of the other Great Factions, they had to unite to survive and stave off those threats.


As the most restrictive, repressive and reductive ruling faction, they would have preferred the luxury of isolationism that is easily afforded to the literally insular Snookis, but they couldn’t abide leaving the grandeur of their glamorous surroundings to seek it out. Instead, they fought tooth and nail to maintain their grasp on the Island of Whiteway. Their greatest opponents in this endeavor had always been their neighbors to the North in Boogietown, who often invaded the North of the island and claimed those territories during and prior to The Genre Wars.

Though the conflict took its toll on the Hepburners, the denizens of Whiteway came out with clear borders and the support of The Cardinal in maintaining them, lest the invader risk losing access to Roost resources. Since the Treaty of the Roost was signed, The Hepburners have been able to live their parochial dreams and direct their attention to micromanaging the personal affairs of their own people, rather than fighting off the other factions, whom they deem savage, unscrupulous and wanton.

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