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The Fansci Folk of Queensrealm

Queensrealm is ruled by a single sovereign over a feudal state. Their culture is shaped around the Fantasy & Science Fiction media of The World that Was.



Princess Ripley of house zythrion


Queen Cyanaris, first of her name


Queen Gehenna


Ivorwen Flutterwing


Ser cyborg van damme

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Queensrealm is ruled by a single sovereign over a feudal state consisting of noble houses presiding over lower vassals. Although the monarch’s power is technically absolute, the nobles are not without influence. Some have argued that founding Queen Gehenna was forced into abdication at the urging of the League of Lords in the aftermath of The Genre Wars, though Gehenna herself claims it was a personal decision. Currently, the most powerful aristocrat, aside from the queen, is Deckard Dredd, Archduke of Plastoria and Lord Chancellor of the League of Lords.

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The Fansci Folk had always been one of the largest factions in Fiveboro and they also inhabit the largest district. Their culture is shaped around the Fantasy and Science Fiction media of The World that Was.


There is a great deal of diversity within Fansci culture and different regions within Queensrealm observe different customs. Plastoria is influenced by Cyberpunk, Mirkwoodside by Medieval-style fantasy, Gushing by the Horror genre, and so forth. In many ways, The Fansci represent a functional melding of many disparate cultures... though they still occasion to clash.

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BEFORE The Genre Wars, the Fansci were spread throughout Fiveboro. For many years the Fansci lived in disparate feudal fiefdoms, each ruled by an independent sovereign lord or lady. Eventually, as the Fansci diaspora began to concentrate in the region we now know as Queensrealm, the aristocrats formed a League of Lords, which loosely confederated the Fansci fiefdoms, so they could work in concert to expand their territory and increase their wealth.


Queensrealm as we know it was founded when Gehenna, then Duchess of Starryside, united the League of Lords under the Zythrion banner and waged war on The Sitcommune for their part in the death of her husband, The Masked Margrave of Marville. Gehenna was able to consolidate power during the early days of The Genre Wars, and was ultimately crowned first Sovereign Queen of the Fansci.

Outside of Queensrealm, the Fansci are largely regarded as the biggest aggressors and instigators in The Genre Wars, though most Fansci believe their participation was purely retaliatory and perfectly aligned with the Prime Directive. After the Treaty of the Roost ended the Genre Wars, Queen Gehenna abdicated and Princess Cyanaris acceded to the Console Throne.

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