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Los Escandalistas of Boogietown

In a land so fraught with danger and intrigue, the stakes are always high.


exalting the ancient art form of the Telenovela, the true Escandalista gets a thrill from the constant threat of losing everything.




"La usurpadora" Gutierrez


Mercedes Pizarro

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Boogietown is a realm of intrigue and deception, where power is gained through machiavellian machinations. It is extremely dangerous to seek and maintain power in a land where poison, arson and laceration are simple steps on the ladder to success.


The class distinction between the upper echelons of Boogietown society and the lower is stark and strict, but it is not uncommon for someone born in squalor to manipulate their way into a position of prominence... though it rarely lasts long, because Telenovelas are hell.

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Basing their customs upon the ancient art form of the Telenovela, Los Escandalistas of Boogietown relish “El Dramatismo”. In a land so fraught with danger and intrigue, the stakes are always high and the true Escandalista gets a thrill from the constant threat of losing everything. They are natural-born risk-takers, and masters of the bait-and-switch so they can be formidable adversaries to those from other factions who, unaccustomed to their wily ways, often succumb easily to their charms.

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THOUGH they used to be more spread throughout the districts, Los Escandalistas were relatively unified from the outset of their founding as a Faction. With the exception of a tiny tribe known as The Bold and the Restless which worshiped American soaps, they didn’t need to absorb lesser factions to build their own- It was always a mighty monolith of melodrama. They might have conquered the whole of Fiveboro long before the first blood was spilt in The Genre Wars, except for one endemic problem- They were too busy constantly fighting internally. Their relish for high stakes and tragic twists was enough to keep Boogietown very busy and constantly volatile.


          Because trust is such a sparse commodity within a soap operatic culture, they favor intrigue and espionage over brute force. The subtlety of a stiletto blade, or a furtively-placed droplet of poison was preferred to outright battle. When Escandalista leaders have needed to levy troops over the years, such as in The Genre Wars, they used conscription as an opportunity for their subjugated lower class to make a name for themselves and rise into the upper echelons of society.

Boogietown made a few land grabs into Whiteway before and during The Genre Wars, but The Treaty of the Roost clearly established their borders and they’ve made no further incursions since. Apart from the Oracle’s lair at the Temple of Nypil, Northern Whiteway now sits almost defiantly unoccupied, as if the Hepburners are baiting Boogietown to break the Treaty. Thus far they have not hedged that particular bet.

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