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History of House of Zythrion



The House of Zythrion is the founding and ruling dynasty of Queensrealm. Prior to the Bowing of the Banners that took place early in The Genre Wars, the Zythrions were members of The League of Lords and held only The Duchy of Starryside. Lady Gehenna, the daughter and heir to Duchess Deanna, was married to the Margrave de Marville. When Gehenna succeeded her mother to the throne of Starryside, this consolidated two of the most powerful houses in The League. Their daughter, Cyanaris, was heir to both Marville and Starryside.    In 280 W.R., a fateful altercation took place at The Inn of the Tragicomedian in Plastoria. The Margrave de Marville got into a disagreement with a cadre of Sitcommunists over which telling of Sabrina was superior. The Fansci at the pub favored "The Chilling Adventures", whilst the Sitcommunists preferred "The Teenage Witch”. After the Margrave stormed out, a few of the disgruntled Sitcommunists (led by Splenda Sugarbaker) attempted to execute a prank upon The Margrave of Marville to teach him a lesson. They planted a banana peel in his path, which caused him to slip and crack his skull against a rock. Although the death was entirely accidental, it was deemed an assassination by The League of Lords after a rousing speech by the margrave's widow, Duchess Gehenna of Starryside.    Gehenna used the death of her husband to rally the Fansci banners to drive The Sitcommunists from their land. This effectively initiated The Fansci Inquisition, during which Sitcommunists on Fansci land were rounded up and forced to pledge fealty to the fantastical or face banishment, imprisonment or even torture depending on the inquisitor. The Sitcommunists fought back and, when word of human rights violations reached Soderburg, the Criterione Collective roused The Avant Guard to liberate the victims of The Inquisition. Thus sparked the conflagration that has come to be known as The Genre Wars.    When a patrol of Fansci knights pursued fleeing Sitcommunists across The Queensrealm bridge into Whiteway, the incursion into Hepburner sovereignty stoked the ire of The Hegemony which also raised an army to march against the League of Lords. With an inquisition at home, and threats looming on two fronts, Gehenna urged the League of Lords to unite under her banner to consolidate their defenses. In this moment, she became Queen of the Fansci in every meaningful way apart from the title itself, but she wouldn't have to wait long to acquire that.    Gehenna's aptitude in battle saw the Fansci drive off the Hepburner threat, and not only thwart the Criterione advance but actually claim parts of Northern Soderburg for the Fansci. During the lull after these two great battles, the Fansci public celebrated Gehenna, their conquering hero. Her popularity and acument as a leader was not lost on The League of Lords. Recognizing that Gehenna's brief stewardship had been more decisive in a few months than The League of Lords had been in decades, the council voted on whether to keep her in that capacity indefinitely. The notion was planted that, as their realm had always been named for Queens, it was the fulfilment of a prophecy to bend the knee to the matriarchal House of Zythrion. With pressure from their subjects and several of their peers, The League of Lords unanimously voted to crown the Duchess of Starryside and Regent of Marville Gehenna, the First, Queen of the Fansci and Defender of the Faith Mélange.

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